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Our online music lessons offer personalised instruction tailored to your individual needs and preferences, flexible scheduling to fit your busy lifestyle, and a comprehensive learning platform that provides access to a wide variety of musical styles.


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Beginner to Intermediate


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Great Coaching!

Experienced and professional music coaches.

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Flexible scheduling to accommodate busy lifestyles.


Access to helpful resources and tools for improving musical skills.

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Personalised lesson plans tailored to individual students.

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Miss Lebo is amazing and most patient... Thank you so much!!!
Stellah Muthee
At 48 during COVID lockdown I decided I wanted to learn how to play the trumpet. After failing to follow all the YouTube instructors I realised I needed personal help. Lebo from Brasshopper Music was the answer. She was patient but firm. I could see I was learning from somebody who knows brass instruments and has the personality to coach me. Can recommend Brasshopper Music for all age groups. Don’t wait for tomorrow start playing today
Harry Molema
Very professional👌
Effe Smith

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